Irregolare is a design studio based in Venice, specialized in Product and Lighting Design. Our studio is born from the desire to express a personal vision of design as a tool of storytelling. We always try to draw inspiration from what surrounds us, transposing our history - and that of our roots - into the products we make, always in a contemporary key. We believe in an intimate and human relationship with design, based on direct experience of techniques and materials, experimentation and creativity constantly nourished by the sharing of ideas and co-design.

We always plan with the aim of transforming an idea into a product that is both functional and communicative, accessible and of the highest quality. Our creative studio can count on the twenty-year experience of the company from which it was born, in the field of lighting design and custom furniture. The products we design are all made internally in an artisan way: being in contact with the material and with the supply chain is fundamental for us and allows us to evolve our Design Process in a strategic way.