Noa A.

Noa A. pays attention to the continuous improvement of production processes, tracing the entire supply chain, from the selection of quality raw materials to the innovation of the process itself, combining technological capabilities with tradition, simplifying the complex processes of the manufacturing phases and making them more sustainable. The production carried out strictly by hand. The passion for work turns into a meticulous control of all the production phases and a continuous attention to detail to create a work of art every time.

The shoe is the final product, behind you a great deal of research into the materials used in the manufacture of products, from the high quality of leather and leathers, to the lightness of the rubber or leather soles. The choice of shapes has already been made for a year before going into production. Inside the factory there are model maker, cutter, hemmer, two preparation workers, the fitters, solers and apparatuses. Inside the factory there are 3 conveyors, each of which is specialized for different processes.