Xander woodwork art creation

I decided to pander then share, the artistic boost that life has always led me to ignore or to keep dormant, as not indispensable or only rarely compatible with my profession. I’ve always been driven by the need to create from nothing, whether it is a painting or a wooden artifact, something unique and exclusive, which preserves my memory almost to justify an existence that otherwise would leave no trace. The passion for wood, together with this powerful creative drive, and, above all, the support and encouragement of my family, have brought me today to propose my creations.

It all started about 1 year ago, with the request of my daughter, passionate to the world of Hogwarts, to make Harry Potter’s magic wand for her. So that of Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron and almost all the other characters in the saga. I have therefore continued to turn and carve the wood, making goblets, bowls, vases and objects inspired from the imagination and the shape and irregularity of the wood itself. Each object or creation that I produce and propose, is UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE. I use different types of wood, from olive tree to fir and, recently, also epoxy resin. I can realize custom creations on request, although within the limits of my skills and the necessary equipment availability.